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Meet our Beneficiary

It is our honor to help these real world heroes who serve our nation and their communities with pride. All donations made to our foundation are directly allocated to these special families in their time of need.

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the glackin

Turks & Caicos Beaches Resort
October 2023

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The Morgan 

The FDNY community is one that we can never truly express the full extent of our gratitude for; our broken hearts ache with those of the Morgan family. In loving memory and honor of John, we are grateful to be able to support your beautiful family.

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The stokes family

While every journey is different, we know how difficult it is to face such overwhelming adversity as a young family. It was our great honor to support the beautiful Stokes family in their hour of need. We will forever celebrate young Leo's triumphant victory over childhood leukemia: you are a warrior, little man! Our prayers remain steadfast with the Stokes family: we are always here for you!

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The lee family

It was an honor to work alongside Ladder 125 in support of our friend, Jimmy Lee, "an incredible coworker, friend, husband and father," as he continues to battle an aggressive variant of Multiple Myeloma.

We are forever in your corner, Jimmy!

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The Mulvey Family

Your continued generosity at our 2023 Gala in January allowed us to directly support the beautiful Mulvey Family in the wake of their immeasurable loss. To Kate, Joseph, Charlotte, and the Woodside Warriors of 325/163: thank you for allowing us to honor Joe's memory. We love you and we will always remember.

The Griffin Family

Two year old James was born with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), stemming from a rare condition in utero. He also suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).  James has endured multiple surgeries in his young life, and he began dialysis in May 2021.  Fed by feeding tube, he is on a cocktail of medications and supplements. Thankfully James was a candidate for a much needed kidney transplant - with his dad Jim stepping in as his donor hero! We are happy to report that both James and Dad - a veteran and current member of the Secret Service - are doing very well after their transplant surgery on September 20th, 2022. The heroics in this family are a true team effort and affect every aspect of life. Mom, April, is equally amazing, and has enthusiastically taken on the role of Baby James’ Nurse: calculating and administering James medications, supplements, feeds, shots, and dialysis are all in a day's work. She is also an amazing mother to their three daughters as well. We will continue to provide the Griffins with support for their children's school tuition as well as necessary supplies for James, and we thank you for YOUR support that allows us to do so!

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The Brower Family

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Your generosity and our fundraising efforts during our inaugural MRD Gala, in April of 2022, have gone directly toward funding Scott's daughter's future education. Scott, a beloved educator in the DOE, and childhood friend of Michael's, was a loving father, husband, son, and brother.  We are heartbroken over yet another untimely tragedy; but, we choose to focus on gratitude: gratitude for the fact that as a foundation,  we can provide for this incredible family in a way that would make both Scott and Michael proud!

The Morrisey Family

We were happy to join forces with FDNY Engine 80 Ladder 23 to host a fundraising party for Frank Morrisey  at Bourbon Street in Bayside, NY in February of 2022. Diagnosed with 9/11 related illness, Frank was unable to work for months during his treatments and following surgery. With your help we were able to ease some of the burden for this family. We were able to help pay tuition for his four children and were honored to pay it forward. Frank and his family forever hold a special place in our hearts!