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Our Mission Statement

This non-profit organization was formed to honor the memory of FDNY Lieutenant Michael R. Davidson, who made the ultimate sacrifice on March 23, 2018. Drawing inspiration from Michael's spirit of selflessness and his love for others, we look forward to giving back to the communities to which he served and belonged. Thus, our commitment to community will focus specifically on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of first responder and military families and their children.

Who We Are

Our non-profit organization is comprised of a group of people from  different walks of life.  All of us knew and loved Michael, and we are honored to continue to share his light through the work we do as a foundation.

Eileen Davidson

Eric Davidson
Vice President

Edward Long

Ryan Flood

John Brosnan
Board Member

Michael Izzo
Board Member

Kristie Loscalzo
Board Member

Dan Martin
Board Member

Kelly Olech
Board Member

Ken Reilly
Board Member

Gail Baccari
Event Coordinator

Corinne McDonald
Event Coordinator

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